As they say in the freelancing industry, “I quit my job for this!” I finally pulled the plug from the regular 9 to 5 in order to fully pursue art. It was risky, but also necessary. I was spending too much time away from the studio.

I discovered last minute that the Indiana State Museum was hosting an Emerging Artist Expo in February. Lucky for me, they still had room for one more table! Unlucky for me, it only gave me a month to prepare.

I got busy working on a couple original pieces while also deciding which works to make prints of, what sizes, what paper, etc etc. I was a little stressed and nervous, but also focused and optimistic.

The night before I hardly got any sleep. I was too excited! I was eager to see what other emerging artists were taking the same risk as me. Who else was crazy enough to quit a steady, yet miserable job?

The Expo was more than I expected. I went in thinking I was the underdog, but once I set up my booth, I was feeling confident in my capabilities. People began to trickle in and interact with my artwork. Through meeting so many people, opportunities began to branch off the other.

The stress of quitting my basic job began to go away as I was packing up. Inside me a thirst rose to attend more events like this, to push myself harder. After all, my dream IS to be able to travel with world with my teardrop camper full of artwork towed behind me.


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