The “Heartland” mural was one for the books.

It all began with a large, white wall. It used to drive me crazy to walk past because although it was beautifully coated, it was too bland for a gypsy village like Broad Ripple. It would tease me as I walked past. A couple months after meeting the landlord, I finally got the call I was hoping for: to create something fresh for that wall.

Together with two of my closest friends, we worked a simple idea that would grow to cover the 24ft wall space. The concept behind “Heartland” was to create a painting that breathed life into such an empty, beautiful wall. A new sky-rise had recently been built and blocked the best view of the sunset in Broad Ripple. I wanted create something that would bring that view back to the people.

A woman lies in the imagery of the lush hills of Southern Indiana. The golden corn rows roll out towards the street and a soft, classic Indiana sunset blesses the sky. Peonies frame the circle piece, playing homage once again to the wonderful natural world of Indiana.

I have to say, it was a real treat to be able to paint with my friends. Each of us is artistically talented in a very special way. Without each other, this piece would not have come together the way it did.

And to cap it all off, we painted this one during the solar eclipse!


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